Q:   May I make a same day appointment?
With this practice model you may see your physician on the same day, with thirty minute and hourly appointments being standard. You also have 24/7 access to your physician in the case of nighttime or weekend needs.
Q:   What if my physician is out of town?
In the event that your physician is out of town, a physician within the practice will be on call.
Q:   Will my insurance provider cover the enrollment fee?
Medicare and insurance companies do not cover the annual enrollment fee.
Q:   What are my billing options for paying the annual enrollment fee?
A:   The annual enrollment fee may be paid annually, monthly, or quarterly, with check, credit card, or a debit from a bank account.
Q:   What does the annual enrollment fee cover?
A:   The annual fee is for the additional services that insurance does not cover.
Q:   What doesn't the annual enrollment fee cover?
A:   The enrollment fee does not cover office visits or procedures.
Q:   What happens to my annual enrollment fee if I terminate my membership?
A:   The annual fee is prorated and refunded if you terminate the membership.