Dr. Kolbaba: "When I was a child, my family doctor came to my home when I had a particularly serious childhood illness. When I saw him in the office, his receptionist and nurse knew me by name. They personally answered the phone. I could always be seen when I needed a doctor, and I do not remember excessive waiting times." People today would call that “old fashioned” medicine. Our goal is to give our patients this traditional treatment and at the same time employ the latest in high-technology and computerization.

"Like having a doctor in the family"
  • We know each patient personally
  • A caring receptionist or nurse always answers the phone
  • Your doctor may be contacted any time, day or night
  • Patients have the time they need, whether at an office visit, the hospital, on the phone, or via electronic messaging
  • We know the importance of prescriptions and are quick to make them available when they are needed
We have invested in the most modern, state-of-the-art record keeping and diagnostic tools, replacing the doctor's paper chart with high-speed computerized records, electronic prescriptions and laboratory interfaces.  This assures accurate and efficient service with no waiting time while we "pull records" or contact someone at the pharmacy or lab.  Our doctors AND patients have secure direct access to their health information from anywhere in the world.
Our goal is to be the top practice in the Chicagoland area in patient service, care and satisfaction.